May Flowers 2016

May Flowers 2016, the summer camp of Insight was organized from 2 about a change in the monotony of the routine affairs of its students and to bring about enthusiasm and inspiration for the next academic year. It was a child centered programme away from technology and academic pressures. Everyday started with a morning prayer followed by relaxation exercises to help them reduce the stress and enjoy the rest of the day. There was music and creative movements everyday through dance to improve balance and gross motor skills. Camp had sessions to promote personal development in a non­competitive environment. Skills that would help in activities of daily living such as buttoning, tying shoe laces, plaiting hair, were reviewed to help them do it independently. Personalized name key chains were made by them which gave them an importance and pride in their name. A session which developed individuality and creativity is framing their own photos and also decorating it. The campers were proud to take home their framed photos and personalized key chains on the last day.


Kids’ kitchen was another interesting multisensory activity for the kids in the camp. They were able to touch, taste, smell all the ingredients of rice flakes snack, juice and sandwich. They had a great time making food for themselves and eating it too.

Group activities were organized to help them interact with each other and have fun. Games which can improve the fine motor skills and eye hand co­ordination such as sorting of grains and colouring pictures using crayons were also included in the camp. Afternoon sessions were refreshed by simple folk songs and action songs which are being hummed by them even after the camp.

The camp came to an end with a tour to Kovalam, Aquarium and Veli tourist village on the final day. The beach walk at Kovalam gave massaging to the soles of the feet and also improved the blood circulation. The visit to Aquarium helped to calm down the autistic children and the bright colours and moving shapes gave stimulation to their senses. At Veli tourist village, the children were able to enjoy the boat ride and also cross the lake from one side to another through a floating bridge. It was a beautiful scenic spot which helped both parents and children to relax and admire the serenity of the lake and tourist spot.

The six day programme culminated with development of social skills, peer interactions, personal development along with fun and entertainment.