Learn about the services of Insight

Keeping up with its commitments to bring ICT to the differently abled in Kerala, Insight provides the services listed below. All the services offered at Insight are free of cost.

Resource Centre

Our resource centre situated at Vellayambalam, Thiruvananthapuram provides training and support to public on technologies for visually challenged. At the centre, we are equipped with all the facilities required to make the learning process smooth and effortless for the visually challenged.

The highlights of the services at our resource centre include:

  • Computers installed with the assistive technologies and applications required for persons with varying visual disabilities
  • High-speed Internet facility on all the computers which can be made use of on all working days between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m
  • Free installation CDs of the software and applications used in the training
  • Support and help from two qualified teachers all day long

Any visually challenged person can walk in to use the facilities at this centre. We work from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on all days except Sundays.

The assistive technology used at Insight is a free, open source tool called ORCA. For more details, check out the section on Training Programme.

Training Programme for Trainers

Master Trainers undergoing trainingWe train persons so that they can impart the knowledge they gain to the visually challenged. We call them the Master Trainers. While selecting a Master Trainer, we look for those with a previous experience in using computers. Even trainees who exhibit enough calibre and talent have a chance to be selected and trained as a Master Trainer. Master Trainers are trained by experts in the field of Accessibility.

We have trained fifteen Master Trainers so far from all over the State. In the future, a pool of Master Trainers will be created from every district for the project roll out.

Audio content production

Visually challenged persons depend on their sense of hearing immensely. They depend on it for communicating, manoeuvring, learning, taking in news and information around them and for entertainment purposes. Seeing that audio content is a clear way to the mind of a blind person, we have made it our main concern to develop and distribute audio content for their exclusive use.

One of our greatest achievements in the field of audio content production has been the creation of Swaram, an audio magazine that is perhaps the first of its kind in India. Content owners may submit their content for considering it for publication.


Swaram CDAudio magazines are very few in number and those available for free are even fewer. Swaram, the first-ever free audio magazine in India for the visually challenged is a joint venture of Mediact and ‘Alakal’, the community radio wing of SPACE.

With the idea of offering information as well as entertainment at the same time, Swaram includes a wide range of carefully chosen topics. General interest articles, short plays, news analysis, poems, dramas and a lot more can be found in an issue of Swaram.

Swaram is still in an experimental stage and only two issues have been released so far, which makes your comments and feedback all the more important for improving it. Articles suitable for publication are also most welcome.

Swaram is at present available only in Malayalam. Visit www.swaram.web4all.in for the latest edition.