Insight is a project of the Kerala Government, which aims to use Informaton and Communication Technology (ICT) for the development of the Differently abled in Kerala. It was initiated as part of the new ICT Policy (2007) which aims to convert Kerala into an Inclusive Knowledge Society. Using the possibilities offered by ICT, Insight makes differently abled people active participants in the Knowledge society. In order to achieve its aim, Insight is developing technology, providing training and sharing knowledge.

Implementing Agency

Insight is a joint initiative of KSITM (Kerala State Information Technology Mission) and SPACE (Society for Promotion of Alternative Computing and Employment). KSITM provides the financial support for the project and SPACE provides the technical and managerial assistance.

Year of Implementation

Insight was established in May 2007, in accordance with the State Government’s IT Policy 2007, which advocates that the benefits of ICT should reach all sections of the society.

Scope/Status of Implementation

So far, 17 MTs have been trained at the Resource Centre and over 70 MTs in Akshaya centres in Mallapuram, Kannur and Thrissur. Trainings have been given for Akshaya entrepreneurs as part of the roll out process of Insight. Apart from the visually challenged, Insight hopes to address the issues of other disabilities as well in the coming days.


Insight focusses on developing/making available accessible technology for the differently abled and strives to make it avaialble to them at very low/ zero costs. The screen reader software called ORCA is a perfect example of this. Orca is freely available, whereas its proprietary counterpart costs around Rs.55,000/-.


Insight uses Free Software exculisively for its activities. The use of Free Software ensures that any development done using public money is given back to the people and the community. Further development, if required may be initialted/carried forward by any interested party from the point where we have stopped.

Services Provided

The primary focus of Insight is to give training to the Visually Challenged to the visually challenged in the accessible technologies available today. Any visually challenged person is free to walk in to the Insight centre and get trainied. Apart from trainings, he is also eligible to use the resources at the centre, which includes, web browsing, listening to music, burning CDs etc.

An audio magazine called Swaram is being released bimonthly for the benefit of the Visually Challenged. Swaram, the first of its kind in Kerala includes educational and informative content.

Future Plans

Insight wishes to address technology development for other disabilities as well in the coming year.


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Kerala State Information Technology Mission (KSITM) is an autonomous nodal IT implementation agency for Department of Information Technology, Government of Kerala which provides managerial support to various initiatives of the Department.

Kerala State IT Mission is a team of professionals from the industry & the Government and is headed by the Director, with the Secretary-IT as the Chairman and the Governing Body chaired by the Hon’ Minister for IT.


SPACE is a registered society that has members from academia, the IT industry, professional societies such as IEEE and Computer Society of India, and the IT Administration of the Government of Kerala. The vision of SPACE is to promote the use of Free, Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) in academics, governance, corporate and individual use, and to support the use FLOSS for employment generation in Kerala.