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Summer camp 2015 “Kingini Koottam”

Monday, June 15th, 2015

DSCN9204The summer camp 2015 at Insight called “KINGINI KOOTTAM” was a great learning experience to the students who attended the camp. It was the first time many children spent an extended period of time away from home and parents. The children were encouraged to try new things in safe surroundings.

Physical activities such as exercise, dance and games gave them an opportunity to move. It also reonnected them with nature by planting flowering plants in painted pots. Arts and crafts are a great way for special needs children to express feelings, enhance their social skills and cognitive functioning, resolve frustrations, and increase their use of sensorimotor skills including hand­-eye coordination and sensory stimulation. Our Kingini Koottam made wall hangings out of plastic cups beads and straw. The camp was also made educational by teaching them money management through the piggy banks they made out of plastic bottles.

A summer camp never ends without entertainment. The most exciting and important part of the camp is the dance for the song ‘I love you mummy’ which really touched the parents emotionally who came to watch the final day programme. This summer camp was one of the most rewarding,unforgettable experience in their life by providing educational, physical and social development.

Training programme for Doctors and Special Educators

Saturday, June 6th, 2015

Centre for Learning at Kuttiyadi, Kozhicode is a Centre for children with learning disabilities run by a Paediatrician committed to service to the society. So far, nearly 1800 students have been trained through this Centre. Insight gave them training to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a child with special need and to give assistance for their limitations through ICT training. It was a new perception for the two Doctors and 3 Special educators who are working there. They are planning to incorporate Insight’s ideologies into their training method.